Happy Tummies

HAPPY TUMMIES is an after school ministry for malnourished elementary school children. School teachers tell us many children attending school suffer from malnutrition leaving them with little energy and too hungry to focus on learning. Pastors and teachers give us names of needy families. In-home interviews are conducted and applications completed.

The children must thoroughly wash their hands with soap as soon as they arrive each day. Some work hard to get the dirt out from under their fingernails and some even extend the ritual to washing their faces! Next, they are given their daily vitamin and then they say a prayer and are served lunch. Toothbrushes and toothpaste are provided for each child and brushing after eating is required. A monthly doctor's visit for checkups helps greatly. Moms take turns cleaning before and after the children eat. We consider one of our biggest priorities is teaching them about the Lord and we teach them from the Word, as well as by example. Many of these children have a hard home life, so at HAPPY TUMMIES we try to show as much of God’s love as we possibly can. Most of the children do not get anything to eat at home, so they come in very hungry (especially on Monday since they haven't had much at all to eat over the weekend). They can have as much as they want to eat, but they must clean their plate before going back for more. It would amaze you to see how much some of them can eat! While it is heart-warming to watch, it is also heart-breaking.

The teachers work with the children on math, reading, and writing skills. The children also are taught a Bible story every day. Parents constantly thank us for helping their children. They volunteer without hesitation to help in any way they can.

There is a long waiting list with names of others who NEED to be included. We are praying for monthly supporters to be able to include more children in San Juan, Panyebar, and San Pedro. It takes US$30 per child per month to provide nutritious meals and drink, a doctor's visit, medicine, the salary for teachers and cooks, electricity, water, and other things that come up.  Please prayerfully consider if you can become a monthly supporter to help the children. To become a partner, click on the menu button "DONATE" for options.